Preview: Ghost & Goblins Resurrection

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Preview: Ghost & Goblins Resurrection

Many times, I have been asked what kind of games could be made with DarkSpine. And I have always answered that imagination is your limit. But many times, we have the tendency to believe that a product is good or bad, noting the packaging that it shows to the public. However, some people saw the potential that this extension offers even though I had to pull royaltie free illustrations for it. As an indie developer, I would have loved to present this editor with better content in the graphics section, but my budget is limited if not almost zero. Luckily, Capcom recently made a very interesting announcement about one of the best-known ips of the 80-90s. Ghosts’ n Goblins Resurrection:

In this video, you can clearly see that the same design techniques that DarkSpine offers have been used, such as dynamic terrain, or the use of physicsEven our knight seems to descend from the hills in the same way that the DarkSpine demo offers us.

In case there are doubts, Capcom has offered a development diary where it more clearly shows these similarities:


The more videos I watch, the more I doubt in my subconscious whether capcom could have used GameMaker Studio and my extension to make this game … Be it true or not, DarkSpine’s ability can offer this content and even much more. As I said before, the limit is your imagination.


I miss that the player adapts more to the conditions of the terrain, like the player example created for DarkSpine. But anyway, capcom has done a great technical and artistic job for us to re-enjoy our eighties childhood with this succulent and attractive rebuild of one of the favorite sagas of many people.


This clear example shows one of the many possibilities that this engine offers, but the thing does not end here, soon I will give a very succulent news for GameMaker Studio users and the possibility of using DarkSpine, for free.

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