Participation Rules in forums

GameMaker Studio developers

Participation in the forums implies acceptance of these operating rules.

Description of the forums and their operation

The goal of the SoloStudio forums is to offer a learning tool that is complementary to the lessons that make up DarkSpine ™ development software.

This is intended to encourage interaction and debate in the conviction that both are generators of shared knowledge.

Therefore they should be used always respecting this purpose.

They are meeting points where to share information, raise and resolve doubts and exchange opinions on issues of common interest.

The forums are organized in subforums so that the information is organized and easily accessible for consultation. The proposed organization explained in the description of each of the subforums should be respected as much as possible.

There is a social content forum where participation is not limited to lessons, but to promote the exchange of experiences, doubts or simply conversations between users. However, always within the scope to which we are referring.

The forums will be managed and moderated by the administrators, who have, among other functions, the mission of ensuring the proper functioning of the forums, respect for the rules, the coherence of the issues, etc. Users must respect their instructions and recommendations in everything related to participation in the forums.

Any of the existing discussion spaces on the web may be closed at any time and without prior notice. Also, SoloStudio Tech may veto the access of those users who relapse in an inappropriate attitude and / or who ignore the warning messages of the team responsible for moderation.

The responsibility of the messages, both in form and content, is exclusively their authors.

Rules of participation

  • Respect the basic rules of coexistence: any message whose content is defamatory, obscene, insulting, contains threats or incites to commit any act not allowed by Spanish law will be eliminated.
  • Respect the dignity of people and the principle of non-discrimination based on race, religion, opinion, nationality, disability or any other personal or social circumstance.
  • Respect the identity: messages that are signed by people who usurp the identity of others or denote a perverse intention will be deleted.
  • Respect the netiquette of an electronic space: avoid capital letters (it seems to scream or be angry), avoid reproductions of texts by outside authors without providing any comments of their own, always cite sources and respect copyright, devote time to read the messages of other users and encourage a fluid debate, etc.
  • Adjusting to the topic of debate: repeated messages or those that do not fit the topics proposed in each topic under discussion or have commercial purposes (“Spam”) will be deleted.
  • Avoid commercial messages, or that include phone numbers or personal addresses. All messages that announce or put on sale any goods or services, or conduct or promote surveys, contests or chains of letters, or download a comment sent by another user that the user knows, or should reasonably know, will be removed from a forum. that cannot be lawfully distributed that way.


  • The participant must make clear the recipient of the message, either for the forum, or for the author.
  • Conviene recordar que los mensajes van dirigidos a personas: aunque el medio es impersonal, sus participantes no lo son.
  • It should be remembered that the messages are addressed to people: although the medium is impersonal, its participants are not.
  • Try to summarize the content of the message in the or <subject> fields – depending on whether a message is answered or a new discussion is initiated – to speed up its reading.
  • If you reply to a posted message, it is not necessary to quote it in full, as all forum members can read the original.
  • For courtesy, it is advisable to thank the help of those forum participants who have provided us with requested information.
  • A user can answer a message or participate in a thread that has already lost its validity. In those cases, out of courtesy and for the benefit of the discussion itself, it is recommended that the user, in a manner, parallel to the forum post, notify the person to whom he responds that there is a new message in that old debate. The subscription to the messages of the forums facilitates the updating of the information.
  • Before sending a message to a forum, make sure it is correctly written. SoloStudio Tech is not responsible for the form of the messages in the forums, but is limited to posting them as they are received, provided they meet the specified standards. As teachers, let’s use language correctly.