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DarkSpine Level Editor Framework

Basic tutorials

Your adventure starts here, learn the basic knowledge to use the DarkSpine tool. This page lists the 16 videos belonging to the series of basic tutorials! List of basic tutorials The sprite manager In this tutorial we show you how to manage the image editor and have control over our texture packages at each level.…
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DarkSpine tutorials

Welcome to the DarkSpine tutorials section! Here you will find an index classifying the content by levels of learning. Basic tutorials Your adventure starts here. From this page you will find the index of the series of basic tutorials for the use of DarkSpine with the video game engine GameMaker Studio.

Welcome to the website of Solostudio Tech!

Welcome to the website of SoloStudio Tech! On this web we will show you the progress with the DarkSpine development tool. You can see the DarkSpine Tutorials section, visit our Forum or go to our YouTube channel to view our quick user guide for DarkSpine.