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DarkSpine Level Editor Framework

Optimizing Draw Calls

Performance is important, and a good developer always has this in mind. There is no secret formula to optimize any type of environment, and we have to deal with the limitations in the most efficient way according to the circumstances. In this tutorial we show you in a simple way how to optimize the graphic…
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Wheel-Gear physics joint

The Wheel-Gear physics joint provides us with a joint very similar to that of revolute, but with the difference that we can add suspension to our rotating object. We will also see the Gear Joint, which can attribute to two objects the ability to join their joints, either prismatic or revolution, to work together. 1.0…
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Physics prismatic joint

Physics prismatic joints are those meetings that limit their movement towards one direction. The affected object follows an imaginary guide through which it travels and we are allowed to assign an engine to operate it autonomously. 1.0 – Setting the physics As usual in the physics section, we will adjust the physical properties of 2…
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Physics weld joint

Physics weld joint are rotary joints with voltage frequencies. This is very useful for creating objects that exert an elastic spring energy. 1.0 – Adjusting the center of mass Let’s start by creating our partner in the same way we did in previous chapters. But this time, by modifying our model, we will adjust the…
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Physics rope joint

The physics Distance and Rope Joint are very useful for our game. You can create from simple ropes to a mesh of joints interactively. 1.0 – Distance joint Let’s start by defining two objects with physical properties. One of them will have a density of 0, while the other will move freely with a density…
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