DarkSpine GMS 2.3 Update released

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DarkSpine GMS 2.3 Update released

The DarkSpnie GMS2 2.3 Update has been released, and next, I’m going to show you how to install the extension and use the tool. Let’s get started.

Note: to install the older version of DarkSpine for GMS 2.2.5 please, follow this link.

The first thing you should do is add the extension to your library from the official YoyoGames store.

Now you will have the extension in your GameMaker library. For this you must create a new project and add the extension:

Download the extension by pressing the ARROW icon, then click on the IMPORT button (See the image above) located next to the extension title.


Now you must place the DarkSpine rom as the main room. To do this, press the button in the upper right corner of our asset search engine and click ROOM MANAGER.

Once the panel is open, you must place the room as the main one to launch the editor.

Note: If you want to launch DarkSpine in a different room, you just have to place the “DarkSpine_Launcher” object in a blank room to start with.

And that’s it! Now you can click on the debug button and start using the tool! Enjoy it!

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