DarkSpine GMS1 Beta Launch

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DarkSpine GMS1 Beta Launch

Welcome to the first announcement of the launch of the DarkSpine GMS1 Beta launch extension.

A few years ago, I was enchanted by a graphic engine called Ubi Art Framework. Since then, I became obsessed with the idea of ​​being able to create an editor that shares these characteristics, with my indie touch by having to develop autonomously, but with a great personality.

Browsing in the Change forums, I found a person named Dimitris Dimarelos who was making a request to launch this engine freely. It was not surprising that thousands of people joined the cause to handle a tool of this caliber.

Recently I contacted him because he would suppose he would be excited to see the project and ask for some paid art. I just read his email and I can only say that I have felt emotion and desire to plan a future. Mention for him because I thought he was a great person and a great artist … I still have to answer a proposal. But he caught me writing the news.

However, I tried to go one step further and try to investigate with the information and videos that were emerging from that beautiful tool. Try to “decode” only with images as I could develop my own functionalities to extend the engine that i´m currently use to program prototypes, GameMakerStudio. Finally and after a few years of dedication I have managed to create a solid prototype, which drinks a lot of my personality, where I always start by designing tools with a very basic Ui, prioritizing the functionalities that attract me most and finally the design of a modern Ui , the latter is where I paid less attention, but that appearances do not deceive you.

I am pleased to announce the release of the DarkSpine Gms1 beta. This launch in the form of support will help correct possible errors in addition to improving interface and functionality. This will make it easier to speed up the release of the GMS2 version. I am already in contact with illustrator artists to create a project using our tool. Any support, however minimal, is welcome to devote ourselves to improving the engine. You will receive all the source code so far and you will be placed in the credits of the GMS2 version as a way of thanking your support, in addition to receiving the source code of the GMS2 version at its launch.

I have created some simple demos for Windows and Android so you can get an idea of ​​the potential it can have for your development.

DarkSpine engine: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/8866/darkspine-level-editor


Android Demo

Windows Demo

WindowsDEMOAppData (JUST EXTRACT THIS FILE WITHOUT CREATING A FOLDER, IN THE PATH “USER\APPDATA\ LOCAL” OF YOUR SYSTEM) This data pack it´s a demo package. Folow the instructions of the yoyo forum website to run the editor in the full version. If you decide to get the full version, the demo version needs to be uninstalled.

I hope that the illusion of something different in the GameMaker platform encourages you to collaborate in this great adventure.

I send you my best regards! James!

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