Basic tutorials

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Basic tutorials

Your adventure starts here, learn the basic knowledge to use the DarkSpine tool. This page lists the 16 videos belonging to the series of basic tutorials!

List of basic tutorials

The sprite manager

In this tutorial we show you how to manage the image editor and have control over our texture packages at each level.

The room settings

In this tutorial I will show you the settings of the development environment. You can configure the bases of your game by configuring physics, size, speed and free graphics memory in addition to several options that we will see below …

The parenting system

In this tutorial we show you how to match objects, with the relatives system we can inherit attributes from our level editor.

The layer system

La gestión de capas es muy útil para crear nuevas experiencias en tu proyecto. Desde efectos visuales hasta mecánicas de juego.

The terrain editor

From the terrain editor we show you how to design levels using this powerful tool, creating textures and collisions for our game.

The tween editor

Interactive tweens have many functionalities. From transition effects, camera handling and even the use of mechanics for our game.

The level manager

Level management is essential for our game. Here we will show you how to use this tool with versatility and store countless worlds.

The particle system

In this tutorial we show you how to use the particle system. Visual effects are important, and here we show you how to implement them.

Physics revolute joint

In this section of physics we show you the Revolute Joint feature. Discover how to join objects endowed with attributes as engines of revolution.

Physics pulley joint

In this tutorial we show you the physical Pulley Joint. Create complex pulley systems, learn how to use its interface and chain objects.

Physics rope joint

Rope Joint physics are very useful for our game. You can create from simple ropes to complex trampolines interactively.

Physics weld joint

Weld Joint physics are rotary joints with voltage frequencies. This is very useful for creating objects that exert an elastic spring energy.

Physics prismatic joint

Prismatic Joint physics are those joints that can add a fixed address value, a motor and a fixed displacement at the indicated angle.

Physics wheel-gear joint

Wheel-Gear Joint physicists can attribute to an object the ability to join a prismatic joint with others of revolution or of the same type.

Optimizing draw calls

In this tutorial we show you in a simple way how to optimize our game. Or rather, improve performance in each of the scenarios.

Our working directory

Today we teach you how to manage our working directory. We can configure a list of levels, create new directories and sort these.

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