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[Sticky] How to install older versions of DarkSpine [GMS 2.2.5]


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Users who already have version 2.3 of GameMaker Studio installed do not need to follow this tutorial to launch DarkSpine. However, there are users who for one reason or another prefer to stay with version 2.2.5. For all those who continue in this version, I show you how to install DarkSpine correctly in a new project:

* The first thing we have to keep in mind is that the project that we create should not have spaces in the title, this is a limitation with the file system of the old version of GMS2. Keep this in mind when assigning a title. Example: New_project.

* Once our project is successfully created, we must download the extension from our library, which contains a rar file in the "included files" of our resource tree.

* We select this file with the right click to open it from the explorer and unzip it.

* Now we must create a new folder called as the name of our project in the following path of our computer:
Windows: C / Users / YourUserName / AppData / Local / "Your_project_Name".

* Finally we must move the unzipped folder called "DarkSpine" in the folder we have created, leaving the final path such that: C / Users / YourUserName / AppData / Local / "Your_project_Name"/ DarkSpine.

* Check that the ROOM called DarkSpine_room is located in the first position to run the launcher.

* Now we only have to start the project to check that we can handle the engine by pressing the debug button.


Note: Remember that if you have the most modern version of GameMaker, from version 2.3 onwards, you will not need to follow these steps to make it work. For this version, follow the steps of this entry, which belongs to the most stable version of DarkSpine (Only for versions 2.3+).



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