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Documentation in the plans?


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Hey! I got the framework recently, been playing around with it, trying to learn the ropes to hopefully make my next game with it in the future.


...That said, although I'm figuring out quite a few things on my own, there's still a good few others that are kind of obtuse, like how edge textures for terrain are ACTUALLY supposed to be formatted (which never actually seemed to appear in the guide videos), or even how the camera's object-linking and zooming work.

Are there plans to have official documentation explaining the works of the engine in more detail? I wouldn't really like to have to spam the forums constantly asking how specific things work just because they're not particularly clear from the get-go.

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Hello @lazytomato, first of all thank you very much for buying the extension and writing about it in the forum. I absolutely understand your position on the amount of existential information about the tool. Currently, the information is scarce in certain technical aspects, part of it was due to the fact that I was hired to make a video game, of which we are using the tool. For my part, it doesn't bother me that you ask any kind of question related to the tool. As long as I can gather information on what aspects users demand, it will be easier for me to prioritize specific tutorials. Soon, I'll post a thread on handling textures and how to apply them. On the other hand, I am aware of certain graphic glitch in the GameMakerStudio 2 version and its novelties with the syntax. Soon those problems will be solved. Thank you very much for writing. We will make a mention of it soon when that tutorial comes out. Here is the Keyboard shortcut link with the hotkeys link.

About how the camera works, these are objects linked and managed from darkspine, there is camera object specially used for DarkSpine, then there is another created specially for you game, in the Demo case, the object is called "cam_target", prepared to be used into DarkSpine. This use the same principles as this video creating an game level switcher. So, looking into this video and going into the folder "Object Scripting" of the project to see how this objects are created to be compatible with DarkSpine can give you a great amount of info about it. 

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