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Window resizing view & 2D native drawcalls issues. [SOLVED]  



In GMS2 version, when you resize the window, the view are not fetched correctly, if you found the solution, post your solution in this thread.

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This topic was modified 7 months ago by James

4 Answers

Height and width after resize is bad?

Or maybe graphics in view windows is not displayed correctly?


Yes, even adjusting the width and height correctly ... it's a strange thing, it looks like a bug in some gpu function, but I'm not sure. Today I will continue investigating the problem.



I just uploaded the GMS2 version, if someone finds the error I will update the asset with the corrections.


There is an original write made for an user, that describe the issues:


On the DarkSpine issue, it is correcting the last 2 errors in order to be released in version 2. DarkSpine contains 2 cameras, for some reason, and I fear that it is because I have poorly adjusted the projections, the textures drawn in 2d with the Z -buffer activated disappear if these are not in a certain field of vision. I suppose that due to the changes in the graphic part of GMS2, this field of vision is treated differently in its coordinates. What prevails in the editor is that the coordinate system works exactly as if working with 2D. If you move through the layers of a level, you will see that this error disappears as you change the depth of the camera, there is something that escapes me in the equation since I wanted to make a simple matrix call to get the effect.

The second problem is that for another reason that escapes me, when I reset the window or switch to full screen mode, the view does not fit correctly, when I am maintaining the same basic principles as GMS1 ...

The cameras are called:

* Obj_cam_editor (the one controlled in the editor)
* Cam_target (Lighter variant created with the "object_scripting" methodology where I make a video on my YouTube channel).

In the editor's camera you will see in the StepEnd event a function called "dks_window_resize", which is also used in one of the virtual buttons. I think with this data you will have enough, but don't hesitate to ask me anything.


Bug Fixed! Closing topic!


BUG FIXED! If you still having this issue, feel free to post on this topic! 😊

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