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DarkSpine Level Editor Framework

Preview: Ghost & Goblins Resurrection

Many times, I have been asked what kind of games could be made with DarkSpine. And I have always answered that imagination is your limit. But many times, we have the tendency to believe that a product is good or bad, noting the packaging that it shows to the public. However, some people saw the…
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DarkSpine GMS 2.3 Update released

The DarkSpnie GMS2 2.3 Update has been released, and next, I’m going to show you how to install the extension and use the tool. Let’s get started. Note: to install the older version of DarkSpine for GMS 2.2.5 please, follow this link. The first thing you should do is add the extension to your library…
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DarkSpine GMS2 2.2 Update

A new Update of DarkSpine is released on the marketplace store of YOYOGAMES. From the version 2.0 at now, i´ve implemented a 3D hybrid camera that you can manage in any perspective te get a better vision in depth and rotations. Also the Tween editor has been extended with new features like Tween Sequences. There…
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DARKSPINE GMS2 RELEASE 2.0 We are happy to announce the DarkSpine Gms2 Gold version. The documentation are implemented in the code blocks and the cameras are updated to be 100% compatible with GMS2. You can take a look at the following changes written below: UPDATE GMS2 – Version 2.0.0. Published MAY 7, 2020 GOLD RELEASE…
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DarkSpine tutorials

Welcome to the DarkSpine tutorials section! Here you will find an index classifying the content by levels of learning. Basic tutorials Your adventure starts here. From this page you will find the index of the series of basic tutorials for the use of DarkSpine with the video game engine GameMaker Studio.

Welcome to the website of Solostudio Tech!

Welcome to the website of SoloStudio Tech! On this web we will show you the progress with the DarkSpine development tool. You can see the DarkSpine Tutorials section, visit our Forum or go to our YouTube channel to view our quick user guide for DarkSpine.

DarkSpine GMS1 Beta Launch

Welcome to the first announcement of the launch of the DarkSpine GMS1 Beta launch extension. A few years ago, I was enchanted by a graphic engine called Ubi Art Framework. Since then, I became obsessed with the idea of ​​being able to create an editor that shares these characteristics, with my indie touch by having…
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